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I’m so glad you are here and look forward to sharing in your positive ReTress experience. ReTress contains NATURAL INGREDIENTS and is 100% MINOXIDIL FREE!

I’m Dr. Candace Spann . . . a Board Certified Dermatologist, a Hair Loss Specialist, and . . . the creator of RETRESS!

I know exactly how you’re feeling . . .

My own hair started thinning and I tried everything on the market. Nothing worked – so I started my own Research and Development. Over the next 5 years, I learned the causes for hair loss are different for men and women. It was clear, men’s products or those only ‘de-tuned’ for women wouldn’t work effectively. With that knowledge I formulated the ReTress system specifically for women with thinning hair. I shared it with the patients in my practice – over 95% saw improvement in hair density. Word spread and we were overwhelmed with requests.

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Learn About ReTress

Watch the ReTress® overview video. Hear Dr. Spann's personal story and why it became her mission to create ReTress®. You'll also learn about women's hair loss and hear from women who participated in the ReTress® clinical study. There's an overview of the ReTress® system & products, as well as how to use them for best results.

Clinical Results

ReTress Clinical Study Graph

In the clinical study – 95% of women reported thicker, fuller hair with the use ReTress.

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Photo Results

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Product Line

RETRESS is a four step system: shampoo, conditioner, serum and vitamin supplement that use natural active ingredients to specifically address many of the factors leading to women’s thinning hair.

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For Medical Professionals

40% of all hair loss sufferers in America are women. (1)

Learn about alternatives to Minoxidil based products, and the strong results women are achieving with 'Minoxidil Free' products.

1. American Hair Loss Association.

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